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Energy Work

"I’m pretty new to energy therapy but from hearing about Sherin’s experiences, I’ve been intrigued so I figured I would give it a try! 
Recently, I threw out my back and I was in a ton of pain, to the point where I was nearly crying and could barely move my lower left side of my body. I knew I was out of balance and I had a feeling that Sherin might have some tips to help. Right off the bat, Sherin and I talked about a possible food allergy and my diet causing inflammation. In our session, she was able to find those areas where I had pain and she cleared them through energy therapy. I took the nutrition tips to heart and those pain areas started to go away. Just a couple days later, I was able to move, and most of my pain was completely gone. This was such a positive experience!"


True Love Skin Care

"I have loved the sun kissed pack!! It has worked wonders for my skin!! I wish I had a before and after photo to share. I have always struggled with big pores and acne. In just a couple weeks of true love skin care my pores were noticeably smaller, skin smoother, and my skin was glowing!! People around me started to notice the difference. I have tried so many different skin care products, and none of them worked. A lot of them actually made my skin worse. This is the only thing that had helped me!! Is feels so good to be comfortable in my own skin!! ❤"

- Michelle 

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