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Energy Healing

Energy Healing came into my life nearly 4 yrs ago.


After battling a horrific flesh-eating rash on my face (3 times in 9 months!) and severe pain in my back and knees. Kristi reached out to me and said she wanted to try some new energy healing she had learned about with me. After just 24 hrs my face healed so drastically that the swelling, open flesh, and oozing were gone and just a little dry flakiness remained.

I was floored and wanted to learn right along with her! She recommended the Book “The Emotion Code” that a friend had gifted me 2 years prior (unfortunately, I had never read it!). I dusted off the book and dove in.

Fast forward to January of 2020. I took a training course that taught several different modalities of energy healing. I began helping myself, my family, and friends through what I was learning.


Since then I have had angelic, miraculous experiences and I want to share with the world, but I know the world isn’t ready for it yet. You may be ready now, and if you are, you will likely want to educate yourself on everything you can.

Here is a very basic introduction to Energy Healing: your body has an energy system running through it (Chakra's and Meridians to name a few you may be familiar with), when there is a block in the natural flow of energy the energy tries to flow an alternative way and can manifest as pain, rashes, headaches, anxiety, depression, etc…

When we use muscle testing, intuition, and other forms of energy healing we can locate the block and open it back up to allow the energy to flow through your body the way it’s meant to. Pretty Amazing right!?!

***If you would like to connect with or schedule an appointment with Me (click on the Services tab) or one of the other Skilled Practitioners I have personally worked with and love, you can do so by clicking on their picture on this page. 

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specializes in helping women especially mothers to find wholeness, peace, and joy through several modalities of energy healing. She helped me through my pregnancy, with morning sickness and a sore back. She also offered my soul direction and peace when I was overwhelmed or distraught. She is very knowledgeable about the chakras, grounding, intuition, and how vital these are in our life.




specializes in many energy healing modalities. One very simple and especially useful tool for children is Scribbling. She teaches how the mundane task of scribbling can release trapped feelings, energy, or thoughts within a few minutes by simply grabbing a pen and paper. This has been so helpful for me and my children when things are a little too tough and we need to let some pent-up frustration out.



Concussions, Athletes & Business

specializes in relationship coaching, corporate performance, and athletic coaching. He has helped me excel in my business the past several months, break barriers I had set in my mind, and earn more money than I ever have before.



Connecting with Creation

specializes in connection building with our Creator; helping others understand how to be more like Him by teaching others to feel and understand the seen and unseen world of energy around us. She is an Intuitive Living Expert and Speaker who focuses on helping others increase their understanding and connection to Intuitive Living, or their ability to be led by the Light of Christ in their lives. Sarah is able to connect so well and knows and feels what I or my children know or feel without us even sharing the information with her. I highly recommend her if this is what you are looking for.



Fall in Love with you on a Soul level

 She specializes in helping women rewire their trauma brains as they journey through the healing process of loving who they truly are. Sabrina works closely with her Heavenly Family to support women in building their trust muscle, awaken spiritual gifts, traverse through inner child healing to confidently manifest the life of their dreams. 

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