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Tropical Island


The Oasis


The Oasis is intended to support you in the direction you choose. You will find multiple resources here to utilize along your Whole Healing journey. 


You were guided here for a reason. Take a few minutes looking around, connect, see, and feel. 

If you feel inspired to share, please do. If you have questions, ask. I look forward to our journey together.

` Sherin Stark


I am an Empath! I feel emotions stronger than the average person, and I usually pick up on the vibes being put out and understand/show concern as I do for my own flesh.

My Love Languages are Service and Words Of Affirmations, so having the opportunity to serve and praise you fills my cup, and keeps me going.

My desire in creating this website is to help you to find True Healing through Mother Nature and Heavenly Father. I always do my best to Inspire, Love, Friend, Invite, Support, Encourage, Laugh and Cry with you, as you allow me to traverse your journey with you down the road to a Healthier YOU.

When I began my own health journey it was all about "healing me and my family” but I quickly learned that there is so much more to this experience. Our bodies are Starving for Mother Earth Healing, we need dense nutrients from the earth, we need to connect with mother earth through grounding and God through energy therapy. A large part of why our earth is in turmoil is due to our SOULS not being fed what they need.

I am Creating a MOVEMENT! 

  • Teaching you to LOVE yourselves completely.

  • Embracing foods that truly Serve your body, not just fill your tummy.

  • Introducing you to Education you didn’t know you didn’t know.

  • Showing you how rich nutrients from Mother earth in our body care products can stop Hangry skin and calm our distressed minds.

  • Enlightening your minds to the awesome healing Energy Therapy offers you

  • Encouraging you to go and LOVE others, by sharing your experience, letting them KNOW there are ways to change their lives for the better.

I know I personally can not change thousands of lives, but when we unite together We Can. My hope is, together we can help others feel Valued, Loved, & Beautiful in their Mind and Skin

With so much turmoil and negative criticism in the world today, we can choose to heal our minds/bodies by eating foods that Serve us, using skincare ingredients that Heal us, creating Movement in our bodies that keep us young, and seeking knowledge that Enlightens us.

Or we can choose a path of destruction for our minds and bodies by plaguing them with harmful foods, chemicals toxins, and flooding them with fear, and living a victim mentality.

I Choose Greatness and Healing, what do you choose?

Me (Sherin)

I used to dislike pictures of me BIG time. But now that I have confidence and self esteem (make up free), I actually enjoy it.

My Kids

These kids are my Reason I work from home. They are the Reason I dove so deep into naturally healing our bodies. I want to be with them, and guide them, and laugh with them as much as possible. I want them to live healthy, lives without chronic illness and mental health issues (which we currently battle) They grow up way to fast and I don't want to miss a thing.

My Rock

This Man right here is not only the Love of my Life, he is my Rock, my support and my encouragement when things get tough or I feel I can't keep going.

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