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 Lighter and Brighter 

 Lighter and Brighter 

Have you felt:





*Heart Burn



*Frequently Ill







*In Pain

For months or maybe even Years of your life?

Did you know that Toxins (Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional) play a Massive roll in our bodies/minds and spirits feeling these ways?

Do you feel you have tried many Options that claim to help, yet you feel little to no positive changes and you find yourself right back where you started?

Then this course was created for you! I teach you step by step how to remove the low frequencies and replace with high frequencies. I help you unlock your creativity and Unleash your Inner Goddess as you learn to attract Abundance into your LIFE!

This is Your Year - Take Time for YOU - Nourish YOU & LOVE Yourself to Health, Joy and Abundance!

Ask me for the Coupon Code to Save

My Lighter and Brighter Course removes the toxins from your Life and educates you on how to begin using holistic remedies and Christ to heal yourself

Here's what you get with the Course: 

1) 52 weeks (actions steps) to work on improving yourself (Worksheets, Videos, Text, to fully explain each step, how and why it works) 

2) A Monthly Q & A to ask me any questions, or get support throughout the program

3) Access to a Group with others working through the same Course (not on Social media, it's through my website)

4) Live Zoom Monthly Celebration, when I get to share how proud I am of your accomplishments and brag about you with our group.

5) Three 30 minute Energy Release/Clearing/Resetting sessions with me (Optional, if you don't want them for any reason) and 6 Group Sessions. 

6) Me, you get me (Sherin Stark) as your Mentor/Cheerleader every step of the way

Yes this course is filled with God/Higher Power/Universe. In fact, I created this course with step by step instructions from God and Angels!

God has been instructing me on how to help my sons with their mental illness as well as help my whole family with our health and mental imbalances. I have learned and experienced some pretty great things (Miracles), that I am including in this Course to make your journey simple, and in only a years time rather than the past 7+ it's taken me to get here. 


It is separated into 4 Phases: 

1) Release and Replace 

2) Unlock Your Creativity

3) Unleash Your Inner Goddess

4) Receive Abundance 

It starts out SUPER Easy, and intensifies as you move through it, but it won't get more time consuming as you go along, so don't think by the end of the 52 weeks you will be spending Hours getting it all done. 

I can't wait for you to journey from where you are currently to living an Empowered, Vibrant, and Joy filled life, with daily enlightenment, friends and support all around you! 


Don't put this off, you came this far because you desire better for yourself deep down and I want it for you too.


I was feeling all those things I listed above just 7yrs ago, and I hated who I was but just plain didn't know how to change, as all the things I kept trying weren't working. It took God leading me daily to gain all the knowledge I have now.

I have found what can pivot your life in a beautiful new direction, a direction pointing you towards God's path/plan for you and now I get to make it Easy & Beautiful for you! 


Let's get you started on your journey to a Lighter & Brighter YOU - Mentally, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually Today!!! 


Ask me for the Coupon Code to Save

© 2021 Sherin Stark

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