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The Oasis is intended to support you in the natural direction you choose. You will find multiple resources from holistic healing & mother nature to utilize along your Whole Healing journey. 

` Sherin Stark


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"Deep Rub worked so well on me that I use it on my hubby and kids when they have an ache or pain. My skeptical husband was shocked when I put it on him and within 30 mins he was like the pain is gone. He said it wasn't this magical thing cure but the pain melted away. Plus believe it or not, it works for monthly cramps too! Yes, I tried because my first 2 days are always horrid! Love Deep Rub!!"

Tamara S.

"I loved working with Sherin! She is so kind and intuitive, she knew exactly what I needed before I knew it myself. Sherin helped me overcome anxieties and some lingering health issues with my infant. It was a huge blessing working with her!"

Kylie M.

"I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Sherin!Being new to energy work myself, Sherin explained the process and what I could expect. Learning about trapped emotions and having them cleared through this practice has made a great difference in my mental and emotional health. A difference that was evident after a few sessions." 

Marie L.

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